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When it comes to Payment Processing,
It's all about Speed, Security, Stability and Savings!

While you may already accept credit cards for your business, did you know you can now seamlessly accept and process all major credit cards in real-time directly from Order Entry and Accounts Receivable?

The InstaPAY ERP Payment Processing Package is the only totally complete, end-to-end, seamlessly integrated payment processing solution for Sage Accpac users.

You will save significant amounts of time and money from the integrated user interface module of Paytelligence, to the integrated InstaPAY Payment Gateway (the processing Engine), to the integrated InstaPAY Merchant Account (for auth, capture, settlement & online reconciliation of credit card funds), resulting in an estimated savings of up to 8-12 man hours per day and an estimated ROI of less than 4-weeks.

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Accept Credit Cards Today,
With Fast, Friendly and Affordable Solutions

At InstaPAY we view each and every client as a partner in business. Whether your business is a small family owned operation, a mail order catalogue business or a multi-location national retail chain, we have the perfect electronic credit card processing solution for you.

Our credit card processing services enable your business to accept and process Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club, JCB, as well as every major ATM/Debit card network nationwide.

We offer the most advanced payment technology available, and since our platforms and national infrastructure systems are flexible we can offer custom-tailored programs for fit your particular business requirements.

Streamline Operations,
While Eliminating Fraudulent & NSF Checks

InstaPAY's comprehensive check processing services provides merchants with a safe and secure risk management process that streamlines operations, expands payment options and mitigates check losses.

Reduce Payroll Costs,
With Added Conveniences to Your Employees

The InstaPAY Payroll Card is a cost effective opportunity to reduce payroll expenses and increase employee direct deposit participation, even among those who do not qualify for a standard checking account. The InstaPAY Payroll Card program uses a MasterCard™-branded pre-paid debit card account into which you deposit your employees' net pay via ACH. Instead of issuing a paper check, the employee's net pay is electronically transferred to the debit MasterCard™ issued to the employee.

Your employees then have immediate access to their funds with their payroll card at thousands of ATM locations and point-of-sale locations worldwide. Your employees will enjoy the convenience offered by the payroll card and benefit from the elimination of check cashing fees. All employees are accepted and the benefits to employer and employee are many as outlined below.

Benefits of the InstaPAY Payroll card

  • Reduce payroll expenses costs by eliminating check costs.
  • Increase employee retention by offering valuable cardholder benefits.
  • Eliminate costly out-of-cycle checks.
  • Avoid charges for reissuing lost and stolen checks.
  • Provide unbanked employees with an inexpensive method to receive wages.
  • Give employees peace of mind knowing that their pay is automatically available and accessible.
  • Offer employees the flexibility to shop or pay bills by phone, online, or mail, because the InstaPAY Payroll card is welcome anywhere MasterCard™ debit cards are accepted.
  • Save your employees check-cashing and money order fees.
  • Reduce paper check fraud.

Fast Transactions Times,
With the Encrypted Security & Protection

The InstaPAY Gateway is seamlessly integrated with Paytelligence enabling seamless real-time payment processing. This seamless integration gives merchants the ability to process real-time credit, debit cards, ACH and Check transactions in one simple application. With Paytelligence real-time synchronization, you can accept and process all major credit cards directly from your inventory control, accounts receivable or order entry modules.

The protection of cardholder data from fraud and loss is critical. The InstaPAY Payment Gateway is basically a secure "vault" that, offers complete encryption and protection of your customers' personal credit card data and transaction information. The InstaPAY Payment Gateway is Visa CISP (Cardholder Information Security Program) and MasterCard SDP (Site Data Protection Program) compliant and certified, as well as PCI (Payment Card Industry) DSS (Data Security Standard) compliant and certified.

Increase Loyalty,
While Generating New Revenue

Offer gift cards to your customers and benefit from the seamless integration of InstaPAY payment processing. Our gift card programs can be designed and implemented quickly and easily. Let us help you build customer loyalty with a stored value program for your business.

Our team can help you design a flexible gift card program for your businesses needs. In addition to quick start-up we offer program merchandising kits, 24/7-cardholder IVR support and detailed reporting for your business. Choose the program that is right for you:

Better than a Bank Loan,
And without the Headaches or Hassles

A Business Cash Advance provides merchants with easy access to working capital without the headaches or hassles associated with traditional bank loans or lines of credit. It's a quick and simple process with many benefits and few requirements.

With a Business Cash Advance, we purchase a portion of your future Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, debit card, and gift card sales transactions at a discount in exchange for immediate cash to be used as you see fit. And since the repayment process is integrated with your merchant account, we simply collect a small percentage of those future sales as they are settled daily until the purchase amount of the cash advance is paid back in full.

Minimal Paperwork

  • Short application
  • Uncomplicated approval process
  • Financials not required
  • Collateral not required
  • Good credit not required


  • Funding from $5,000 to $3-million
  • Receive funds in 7-days or less
  • Use for any business purpose
  • Automated payback process
  • No upfront or closing fees


  • Visa CISP Compliant
  • MasterCard SDP Compliant
  • PCI DSS Certified

All of the above are global standards to ensure the secure storage and protection of cardholder data by merchants, service providers and payment processors.

We switched from another processor recently because of poor service and increasing costs. The switch to InstaPAY International was painless and as it turns out, a money saving venture. Even with our old processor demanding monthly charges for another year, our company is still ahead! M.Z. - MTA Gallery